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Why craft beer?

This is an easy but possibly tough question, as there are countless reasons out there. To try and make it easier for you to answer this same question when someone asks you, here are  six reasons.


1.It’s all about flavor


Craft beer is about full flavor, interesting beers that people savor and fall in love with. For example, if you’re looking for something with caramel notes, APA will  be the best choice. Or if you like something bitter, you should savor IPA.

Beer is not just beer – there really is a world of flavor out there.



2.Variety, variety, variety


There are just so many different craft beers, flavors and styles available that even a full-time craft beer drinker could never dream of tasting all the craft beers in the world



3.There’s a story behind every beer


Craft beer is a whole-hearted creative expression; the styles and recipes brewed are always original and based on the tastes and interests of the brewer. Just as each vineyard has a story, so too does each micro-brewery.



4.Quality is king


Craft beer is all about quality; the focus on traditional ingredients speaks to the fact that craft brewers, no matter their scale or the cost, use only the best possible ingredients. Craft beer does not advocate mass consumption and is about savoring moderate, healthy quantities.



5.The brave new world of beer and food pairings


Craft beers pair extremely well with food. This is because of the huge variety within the four ingredients and their expression. There are countless varieties of hops, grain, yeast and even water types that one can use and the method of brewing can change how each flavor is expressed. Choosing the right beer for your meal or visa versa can really take your experience to the next level.



6.Could craft beer really be healthy for you?


Craft beers have many of wine’s health benefits and perhaps even more. It contains selenium, vitamin B, soluble fibre and hydrates when consumed in moderate quantities.