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What is craft beer?

All You Need to Know About Craft Beer

What is craft beer?

It is very hard to define craft beer, as its whole essence is all about improvisation, experiments and experience. However, the easiest way to describe craft beer is small and independent.

It has a rather different taste, aroma and structure and is completely fresh; craft beer is not pasteurized, therefore the beer provides more health benefits and is not harmful to our body. 

Beer Types

There are two main beer types – Lager and Ale.

For the consumers, the main difference between them is in taste, aroma and structure. However, for the brewer the difference goes far beyond that. It is neither the color, nor the aroma, but rather the special type of yeast that separates lager from ale. Ale yeast ferments at the top of the brewing vat at a comfortable room temperature while lager yeast ferments at the bottom of the vat at a lower temperature.


Not much things can awaken your positive feeling as a well-served craft beer. It can be light golden, amber, cooper, brown or black. Craft beer always has a very esthetically pleasing appearance. It can be both filtered and unfiltered. And thick foam is like a cherry on top of the cake.


Aroma is best perceived through nose. At the first smelling stage, you can vividly imagine all the ingredients. Hops, malt and yeast is the base for the variety and quality of craft beer. Malt, fruit, flowers, spices, pine, citrus fruits and other aromas give craft beer a surprisingly pleasurable taste.


The wide variety of tastes associated with craft beer is rare to any other alcohol. Craft beer can be sweet, bitter, sour, fruity, roasted, grilled, chocolate, etc.



When brewing beer, a brewer uses hops the same way a chef uses spices when cooking. Hops produce strong flowery taste that gives craft beer aroma and bitterness. The bitterness of hops balances out the sweetness of malt. Hops also act as a preservative. There are thousands of varieties of hops, all with their unique bitterness and aroma properties.


Malt is the spirit of beer. It is processed grain seeds, that are roasted or fried once sprouted. Roasted malt helps dissolve color and unique aroma in beer.


During fermentation, yeast joins sugar and creates alcohol. It is important to understand the difference between lager yeast and ale yeast. For these two widespread beer types, there are many types of yeast. They can give beer a distinctive taste or neutralize it. Bottled craft beer contains live yeast that turns into live powder of vitamins that sets on the bottom of the bottle.


Local climate and geology are very important for beer. The beer depends on the region. Water contains many minerals that influence the integration of hops and malt in the craft beer. Nowadays, many craft beer manufacturers around the world regulate chemical processes in water in order to adapt it to a particular type of beer.

Numerical Values


SRM rate distinguishes beer according to the color. Very light-colored beer usually has 5 SRM and dark stout ranges between 25-40 SRM.


IBU (International Bitterness Unit) is for measuring bitterness level in beer. It ranges from 0 to 100. Some beers can be aggressively bitter, while others not so much. 


ABV (volumetric alcohol) ranges from 3% to 20%. In the United States, average ABV for craft beer is 5.9%.

Enhancing the Experience


Drinking beer from the glass bottle is the same as watching 3D movie without special glasses. Craft beers have extraordinary aromas; you just have to let them flourish. Drinking beer from appropriate glassware improves the bubbles and aromas.

Food pairing

Do not restrain yourself when combining beer and food. However, if you are not sure how to get started, our small recommendation will help you explore new lands. Foods with strong aroma should be paired with a weak-aroma beer and vice versa.


Always keep craft beer in a cool and clean place. Always drink craft beer from a clean and freshly washed glass. Lager beer with average IBU is the best when the temperature does not exceed 4 degrees. And most of the craft beers are best served at 10-13 degrees.

Why Craft Beer?

  1. Interesting – Because it is unique, experimental and simultaneously traditional.
  2. Local – Ecologically clean product produced in Georgia, made from the highest quality raw material.
  3. Trendy – It is tailored to modern lifestyle, making people want to talk about it right away.
  4. Ecologically clean – Fresh product

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