Varketili, near 338th building
Telephone number : 599 57 12 33
e-mail :

near Akhmeteli, Gobronidze st #10
Telephone number : 599 22 09 00


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Lots of Chains and delivery services are offering free, reduced-price delivery, and other delivery deals right now.

Only the main option is how our delivery is simply the best because of our local brewed craft beer and very highly qualified Georgian cuisine. There is no doubt about this.


Want your favorite takeaway food and Beverage delivered to your door? You’ve come to the right place. Download the free 2tons app android, APP Store now and order from a kitchen near you in just a few simple taps.


So what Tickles your pickle? From perfect Georgian Khinkali to pizzas; crispy fried chicken wings; we’ve got more dishes and craft beer sorts than you can imagine. Your wish is our command.

2 Tons’ food and Beverage delivery is here to challenge all over Georgia while helping the people feel comfortable, safe, as a special person and make their wishes come true very fast.  A loyal, always trustworthy and hopeful relationship, which will give you comfort and satisfaction.

Delivery service is positioned as a very reliable quality and customer-oriented, which differs from other local delivery services by paying special attention to places where other delivery service cannot go.

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