Varketili, near 338th building
Telephone number : 599 57 12 33
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near Akhmeteli, Gobronidze st #10
Telephone number : 599 22 09 00


Craft Beer Tbilisi

2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi

2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi is located in

  • Varketili, near 338th building.Telephone number : 599 57 12 33
  • Mukhiani near Akhmeteli, Gobronidze st #10. Telephone number : 599 22 09 00.

We offer our guests best, real and organic Craft Beer in Tbilisi and Georgian-European kitchen. Many say , that we have the best Khinkali in Tbilisi. We cook every dish with fresh, raw and unfrozen meat. We also offer takeout from our restaurants. Also, we have beer shops on 3 locations :

  1. Saburtalo, Jgenti st #5
  2. Varketili, near 338th building
  3. Mukhiani near Akhmeteli, Gobronidze st #10.

One of the main reasons why we are so different and unique from everyone is  that we brew craft beer in our restaurants, in front of our guests. So all  guests can watch the boiling process themselves.

The types of craft beer we brew  in 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi:

Barley,Vienna Lager, helles, IPA, APA, Porter, Honey Ale, Dipa, Bohemian Pilsner, Light Sour,Strawberry Wit, Raspberry

So, who are we ?

  • We – 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi  believe in the world of craft beer – Creativity in Every Sip


Our company is proud of being a pioneer at introducing craft beer to Georgia. We have created a small beer universe for you, where brewing is an art and beer is a piece of art. 


  • We aim to change the way people perceive and consume beer.


We are on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. To put the taste, the passion and the craftsmanship back into people’s beer glasses. This is our true north.

Creative young brewers and radical flavors have made people excited about beer again.

“2 Tons” (Craft Beer Tbilisi) was founded in 2017 or simply as soon as there was a demand for it. The brewery and a restaurant is located in Varketili, the suburb of Tbilisi. Following the success of the project, we opened up a bigger branch in Gldani-Mukhiani in 2019.


(2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi)

  • When tradition meets curiosity – Respecting the past and embracing the future!


“2 Tons” – Craft Beer Tbilisi  is the first craft beer brewery and restaurant in Georgia. Our guests can have full experience of witnessing the incredible process of creating fresh beer. At “2 Tons” – Craft Beer Tbilisi you can enjoy beer tasting coupled with some of the most exquisite cuisine that will perfectly complement the beer of your choice. Our recipes combine carefully created aroma, texture, and appearance, while preserving natural ingredients. 

Let us take you on a journey of ideally synthesized craft beer and traditional Georgian food. This is where the past meets the future, where traditions come together with imagination.  

A better choice and bigger flavors? We can all drink to that – Welcome to the Craft Beer Tbilisi “2 Tons”- Craft Beer Brewery and Kitchen.

See our Menu  


But, what is Craft Beer exactly?

It is very hard to define craft beer, as its whole essence is all about improvisation, experiments and experience. However, the easiest way to describe craft beer is small and independent.

It has a rather different taste, aroma and structure and is completely fresh; craft beer is not pasteurized, therefore the beer provides more health benefits and is not harmful to our body. In ‘2 Tons’ – Craft Beer Tbilisi we do not pasteurize craft beer.

Okay, but what is craft beer exactly ? Craft Beer is a beer style that is unique and different and is produced by traditional brewing techniques.Craft Beer is  expensive to produce, but in ‘2 Tons’ Craft Beer Tbilisi we brew different beer styles that are unique  and smaller quantities.

We  believe large breweries don’t brew craft beer because of economics.It is far cheaper  to brew a beer with cheaper ingredients in large quantities.It wouldn’t make big economical benefit  for big brewers to brew beer in large quantity

Here is a video of Craft Beer brewing process in our Restaurant



  • Visual


Not many things can awaken your positive feeling as a well-served craft beer. It can be light golden, amber, copper, brown or black. Craft beer always has a very esthetically pleasing appearance. It can be both filtered and unfiltered. And thick foam is like a cherry on top of the cake. Our 


  • Aroma


Aroma is best perceived through the nose. At the first smelling stage, you can vividly imagine all the ingredients. Hops, malt and yeast is the base for the variety and quality of craft beer. Malt, fruit, flowers, spices, pine, citrus fruits and other aromas give craft beer a surprisingly pleasurable taste.


  • Taste


The wide variety of tastes associated with craft beer is rare to any other alcohol. Craft beer can be sweet, bitter, sour, fruity, roasted, grilled, chocolate, etc.


  • Ingredients


All ingredients are organic and high quality in ‘2 Tons’ Craft Beer Tbilisi.


When brewing beer, a brewer uses hops the same way a chef uses spices when cooking. Hops produce a strong flowery taste that gives craft beer aroma and bitterness. The bitterness of hops balances out the sweetness of malt. Hops also act as a preservative. There are thousands of varieties of hops, all with their unique bitterness and aroma properties.


Malt is the spirit of beer. It is processed grain seeds, that are roasted or fried once sprouted. Roasted malt helps dissolve color and unique aroma in beer.


During fermentation, yeast joins sugar and creates alcohol. It is important to understand the difference between lager yeast and ale yeast. For these two widespread beer types, there are many types of yeast. They can give beer a distinctive taste or neutralize it. 


Local climate and geology are very important for beer. The beer depends on the region.  Nowadays, many craft beer manufacturers around the world regulate chemical processes in water in order to adapt it to a particular type of beer. In 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi water contains many minerals that influence the integration of hops and malt in the craft beer.



  • Numerical Values



SRM rate distinguishes beer according to the color. 


IBU (International Bitterness Unit) is for measuring bitterness level in beer. It ranges from 0 to 100. 


ABV (volumetric alcohol) ranges from 3% to 20%. 




(Craft Beer Tbilisi –  Beer mugs and pints)


Craft beers have extraordinary aromas; you just have to let them flourish. Drinking beer from appropriate glassware improves the bubbles and aromas. In 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi we serve beer only in beer  mugs and pints. 


  • Food pairing


Do not restrain yourself when combining beer and food. However, if you are not sure how to get started, ‘2 Tons – Craft Beer Tbilisi’  recommendations will help you :


  1. Complementing: Match rich foods with beers that have a heavy and rich flavor. Pair light-tasting salads and fish with light beers.
  2. Cleanse: This type of beer pairing is perfect for strong flavored dishes. Vice Versa-  you can use fatty foods to cut through the bitterness of an IPA.
  3. Contrast: To make an ideal pairing by contrast, you want to pick a beer or dish that has strong, dominant flavor, such as sweet, rich, or oily. For example : a good contrast pairing is oysters and stout. 
  4. Avoid Overpowering Flavors: Keep in mind the levels of flavor in your food and beer. For example, you don’t  want to pair salmon with a pint of Porter, because the flavor of the beer will completely cover the taste of the fish.

General Pairing Ideas: 

    • Vienna  lager: Spicy food,  salads
    • APA: Spicy food and fruity desserts
    • IPA: Khinkali and barbecue
    • Helles: Pizza and Khinkali
    • Barley: Sausage, Khinkali, Shin
    • Porter: Fish and coffee-flavored desserts
    • Irish Stout: Chocolate desserts

Vienna Lager Food Pairings: 

Light Lagers are  ideal for pairing with spicy dishes, but you can pair these beers with just about any type of food. You can try these foods (you will find everything in 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi  menu):

  • Quail on a skewer
  • French fries
  • Tabaka
  • Lavashi crisps
  • Herring with potatoes

APA Food Pairings: 

Wheat beers are very versatile. Here are some ideal food pairings for wheat beers:

      • Kebab
      • Barbecue 
      • Salads
      • Shin
      • Pastries   



IPA Food Pairings: 

Here are a few general food and beer pairings that work for all types of IPAs:

  • Barbecue 
  • French fries
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Shin
  • Khinkali
  • Sausages homemade style potatoes


Amber Ale Food Pairings: 

Due to the dry and crisp finish, amber ales are perfect beers to cleanse your palate : 

  • Barbecue 
  • Chicken wings in spicy sauce
  • Pizza
  • Kupati in megrelian style

(2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi)

Dark Lager Food Pairings: 

Dark Lager goes  very well with hearty traditional European dishes. May I remind  you that 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi is an European restaurant with traditional dishes . So here you will taste the best dark lagers and pairings. Such as : 

  • Khinkali
  • Sardeli
  • Lobiani on a skewer
  • Khachapuri Megrelian Style
  • Pizza

(2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi)


Brown Ale Food Pairings:

Brown ales are versatile and  they are famous for pairing well with just about anything. But, here are a few dishes that complement their  flavors : 

  • Sardeli
  • Pork barbecue 
  • Veal barbecue on a skewer
  • Fried trout with pomegranate sauce
  • Frankfurter 

Porter Food Pairings: 

It is best to pair them with foods that have similar taste and texture. Here 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi menu offers you some good pairings : 

  • Herring with potatoes
  • Fried trout with pomegranate sauce
  • Mexican potatoes
  • Barbecue
  • Chicken barbecue on a skewer
  • Veal barbecue on a skewer
  • Pepperoni

(2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi)

Stouts Food Pairings: 

Stouts have a chocolatey flavor and low alcohol content, that’s why they are the perfect pairing for desserts. But you can also pair them perfectly with any dish. Such as: 

  • Chocolate truffles
  • Shin
  • Lobiani on a skewer
  • Barbecue
  • Margherita




Always keep craft beer in a cool and clean place. Always drink craft beer from a clean and freshly washed glass. Most of the craft beers are best served at 10-13 degrees.

Why 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi ?

  1. Interesting – Because our craft beer  is unique, experimental and simultaneously traditional.
  2. Local – Ecologically clean product produced in Georgia, made from the highest quality raw material.
  3. Trendy – It is tailored to modern lifestyle, making people want to talk about it right away.
  4. Ecologically clean – Fresh product.

They say we have N1 Khinkali in 2 Tons – Craft Beer Tbilisi. It’s simply why – we do not use frozen meat. Every ingredient is raw, fresh and organic. And  of course, we have a secret recipe. If you doubt us, you can see our visitor reviews 

Most importantly, our kitchen has transparent walls. We don’t have anything to hide from our guests. 

(2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi kitchen)

Here you can see more pictures of  2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi interior



What’s the difference between Craft Beer and Mainstream Beer ?

 For  starters, craft beer is  perfected by “Brewmasters”. Their ingredients are of the highest quality, and most importantly, the beer is CLEAN. Many craft beer is brewed using only these ingredients: Yeas, barley, hops and of course water.  But, depending on the type of beer, brewmasters also use some fruit, rye and other natural ingredients to make beer flavor unique. 


  • Water


The quality of the water is predominant. Some of the best beers are determined by the water. In 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi  we have a  water-system which cleans water.


  • Malt


The malts are chosen strategically because they give the beer  color and flavoring. This is the main difference between craft beer and mainstream beer. Craft breweries are often very creative places, like kitchens. In 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi we brew in our own restaurant. every single guest can see the process. That’s why we are unique. Brewmasters( like our brewmaster) come up  with new ideas of different beers, creating whole new flavors. In ‘2 Tons’ Craft Beer Tbilisi we  always experiment with flavors. This is unlike mainstream beer. It’s almost the complete opposite.

Standard American lagers are brewed with adjuncts. This means that  large breweries will cut the malt with corn or rice. This will dull the flavor, lighten the color, and barely affect the alcohol level. Also, the  beer will now appeal to the masses — it will lose almost all of its flavor, and go down like water.


  • Hops


The hops give beer that little  bitterness and floral scent, and also fruity flavor. In craft beer, the hops are  supreme  important. Small amounts of hops in macro beer may be the reason for its bitterness being unappealing to many of you.Since there is already a lack of malty flavors due to the addition of rice or corn, there is no need to balance the flavor with hops. 


  • Yeast


Yeast determines whether the beer is an ale or a lager. Are you surprised? Myth that all darker beer are ales and lighter beer are lagers is mirage. Lager yeast is called “bottom-fermenting yeast” and is fermented at cooler temperatures, and ale yeast is called “top-fermenting yeast” and is fermented at warmer temperatures.


Do you know what health benefits craft beer have?


Craft beer has important health benefits.Thats because it contains antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B complex. It is a good source of silicon and some recent scientific studies show that hops could be a barrier against the brain’s cognitive functions. If you drink craft beer moderately, you will provide these benefits. 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi customers are always aware of all these incredible benefits. Such as : 


  • Heart Disease


Study involving 200,000 people organized  in Italy showed that people who drank a pint of beer daily had a 31% reduced chance of heart disease. This happens because of the power of beer’s natural antioxidants –  phenols. However, the study also showed that the risk of heart disease increased in people who drank higher amounts of beer.



  • Alzheimer Disease 


Did you know that beer also has this incredible benefit – the  ability to protect against Alzheimer’s. After studies at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine they established that  beer drinkers had 23% less risk of Alzheimer’s. The silicon content in beer is a reason to protect the brain from the harmful effects of high amounts of aluminum in the body.



  • Diabetes


According to a 2011 Harvard study, 38,000 middle-aged men who drank one or  two beers daily had a 25% lower risk of having type 2 diabetes. The alcohol content in beer increases insulin, which helps prevent diabetes. Also,  beer is a good source of soluble fiber which is very important in the healthy diet for people with diabetes. In 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi We have many guests with diabetes. They trust us. 



  • Kidney Stones


A study organised  in Finland found that moderate daily drinking of beer can reduce the risk of having stones in the kidney by 40%. This health benefit is assigned  to beer’s high water content which is about 93%( and in 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi we even filter the water)  and that helps flush toxins out of the body. Moreover, compounds in hops help slow the release of calcium from bones, which prevents build up of lost calcium in the kidney in the form of stones.



  • Cholesterol Levels


 The barley used in the brewing contains beta-glucans that helps in lowering cholesterol levels. 



  • Blood Pressure


Yes, craft beer can help manage blood pressure. According to a Harvard study 25 – 40 years old women who drank moderate amounts of beer were less likely to develop high blood pressure.



  • Bone strength


Craft Beer contains decent levels of silicon. In 2009 Tufts study found that older people who drank one or two pint  of beer daily had higher bone density. And do you know that craft beer is more effective in that case than wine ? 



  • Dandruff


Craft Beer is one of the best organic treatments for dandruff. It has high yeast and vitamin B content levels. Just rinse your hair with a bottle of beer two to three times a week and you will  get rid of dandruff and moreover, it will make your hair soft and shiny. As already mentioned, 2 Tons Craft Beer Tbilisi guests are aware of all of these,so one of them tried this  ‘trick’ and came back with gratitude. 



  • Strokes


Studies by the American Stroke Association have established that people who drink moderate amounts of beer have a lower  risk of strokes by 50% compared to non-drinkers. However, your arteries become flexible and blood flow improves significantly.

But, remember – Craft Beer has benefits only when you drink moderately. Everything extra is nog good so is alcohol. 

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