Varketili, near 338th building
Telephone number : 599 57 12 33
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near Akhmeteli, Gobronidze st #10
Telephone number : 599 22 09 00

Craft Beer

What is craft beer? small and independent. It has a rather different taste, aroma and structure and is completely fresh.


High quality products, perfectly selected dishes, Georgian not frozen meat.


Khinkali per day


Satisfied Costumers


Beer mugs per day

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Color – 11 EBC / IBU - 32 / ABV – 5.5%

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Color – 7 EBC / IBU -  24 / ABV – 5.5%

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Color – 6 EBC / IBU - 30 / ABV – 4.8%

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Color –  8.2 EBC / IBU - 25 / ABV – 5.0%

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Color – 6.7 EBC / IBU - 20 / ABV – 4.3%

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Color –  5 EBC / IBU - 10 / ABV – 4 %

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Color – 67 EBC / IBU - 23 / ABV – 4.8%

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Color –  9.7 EBC / IBU - 28 / ABV – 5.2 %  

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Color – 8.2 EBC / IBU - 25 / ABV – 4.9%

  •   Location is not very good and we waited an hour before our food was served. But other than that everything was fine. Khachapuri on a skewer was the best one... read more

    thumb 905ninin
  •   The food in this restaurant is really good. The first thing I said to my wife was that we really need to go back there. I will never forget about... read more

    thumb Plakutmarvin
  •   Best place to eat Georgian food. I tried a Kvass for the first time. It has a strange but good taste.

    thumb MildredWatson
  •   I visit Georgia frequently and the first thing I go to eat my favorite food Khinkali is 2 Tons! They have very good craft beer too. And this time they... read more

    thumb misty345
  •   Me, my partner and friends visited here tonight to sample some local beer and food. Excellent selection of beer. And very good food too.

    thumb Maryrtiz
  •   Highly recommended place where you can try different type of delicious beer. Khinkali and other Georgian dishes were excellent . Great concept of interior , where football fans and beer... read more

    thumb S7737
  •   You have a great choice of good food to choose from on the menu and also craft beers. This is a craft beer brewery restaurant and we were watching the... read more

    thumb Getaway35513652878
  •   Good place for drinking best beer with friends. Delicious food and good service with Normal prices 🙂

    thumb vanomuza
  •   Good craft Beer ipa, apa, hp and etc. food also Good. but craft Beer is reason to visit with friends.

    thumb giobasi
  •   One of the best restaurants in Tbilisi. The only negative thing is that it is located in the suburbs.

    thumb reyasbrandy

Meet our team members

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Nini Kavzharadze
Marketing Director
Keti Metreveli
Public Relations Manager
Saba Erikashvili
Brew Master

Our Story

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Our company is proud of being a pioneer at introducing craft beer to Georgia. We have
created a small beer universe for you, where brewing is an art and beer is a piece of art.

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For more information call or email us. Also, see 2 Tons' location for faster navigation.